April 23, 2011 Posted by cryptik in Vegetative Stage

Topping Marijuana

Topping marijuana is when you remove the main shoot of the central stem. Topping marijuana will make it want to grow more like a bush. This is different than untopped marijuana that looks like a Christmas tree.

In Marijuana the main stem also called the main shoot is the center of growth control. When topping marijuana, hormones get sent to the other shoots on the marijuana plant singling them to pick up the slack and take over where the main shoot left off. Normally the apical dominance of the main shoot will send suppressive hormones to the rest of the plant basically saying I am the master and will grow before anything else. It does not stop the rest of the plant from growing but it definitely grow faster than the rest if left untopped.

The main hormone that handles how a lot of the of other hormones within a marijuana plant is AUXIN. Auxin is a very important growth hormone and it originates in the main stem. This is called the auxin transport system. It is responsible for regulating the growth hormones which tell the plant to flower or even to grow more roots.

When Topping marijuana, the leaf no longer talk to the main shoot. This essentially stops the apical dominance of the main shoot. Once the main shoot is gone the next set of shoots down the stem take over as the main shoots. These new main shoots grow much faster than they would have. This is because the new main shoots don't have to worry about apical dominance and are free to grow at any rate they want. If you are going to top it is best to do it at night because most of the hormones will be in the root system at that time.

Topping marijuana does confuse the plant as to what is going on. It will cause the plant to stop growing until it can figure out what happened. This may take a few days to a week or so depending on the strain and environmental conditions. Once it is good to go you will start to see new growth and the vegetative process will continue.

Topping marijuana is good for training your plants to stay short. This has many advantages especially for the growers with limited height requirements. Also who doesn't like a good trimmed bush!!

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