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Screen Of Green

Screen of green also known as scrog is a very effective growing method to use. What you do in a screen of green is place a screen over your plants. You are going to allow your plants to grow up through the screen. Effectively this will make it a bit easier to separate the growing branches and cover your entire growing area. The screen in screen of green also give great support for your growing buds.

There are 2 ways people are setting up a Screen of green:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
Neither Have a distinct advantage just personal preference.

Training In A Screen Of Green

Once the screen of green has about 10 inches of growth sticking up through the screen, you will want to start training. Training the plant can get a bit hairy at times, but is by no means hard.

To start training your screen of green grab the main stem at the point where is comes through the screen. Now pinch the stem between your fingers, make sure to pinch it so the pinched part bends in the direction you want it to go. Then bend the plant slowly towards the Screen pinching a bit above the area you already pinched. This is to help the bend be more pliable. Now you are going to tuck the whole stem over then under the Screen, effectively weaving the plant through the screen. This is the beginning of your screen of green.

This Training process for the screen of green will go on for a few months. This of course depends on the number of plants and the area you are covering.

Benefits Of A Screen Of Green

The benefits of a screen of green are numerous. Many growers are using this method with great results. It definitely has proven to be a contender to any other indoor Growing methods.

Here are some of the benefits of a screen of green:

  • Low Height Requirements
  • All Bud Sites Get Equal Light
  • Minimal Space Requirements
  • Great Yield For Small Space

Timing In Screen Of Green

So when do you stop weaving in a screen of green? Well the simple answer is usually 2 weeks into flowering, but there are some gotchas to this. If you have a sativa strain then you will typically have to do a few more weeks of weaving. This is because of the extra stretch you get compared to indica dominant strains. This is usually not a big deal, but just account for the extra stretch in your layout plans of your screen of green.

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