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Pure Blend Pro Marijuana Feeding Schedule

This is a marijuana feeding schedule guaranteed to put more in your jar. It uses Pure Blend Pro products with some friends added in for extra care. This feeding schedule is simple to use and easy on the wallet.

Here is a list of things you will need:

Seed to Seedling Stage

Use this Germination method then plant them in Coco Coir.

Once planted and a sprout is showing mix a gallon of R/O Water with this:

  • 5ml Liquid Karma
  • 5ml Hygrozyme
This is all you need at this stage. Roll with this marijuana feeding schedule for a week after you see the first real leaves.

Vegetative Stage

Follow this during the vegetative stage. Mix the following per 1 gallon of R/O water:

  • 5-15ml of Pure Blend Bro Grow(play with it if it is burning the tips of you leaves)
  • 5ml of Cal-Mag Plus
  • 10ml of Liquid Karma
  • 7ml of Hygrozyme
  • Ph to 5.8
Use this Marijuana feeding schedule 2 weeks into flowering.

Flowering Stage

After following the veg marijuana feeding schedule for the first 2 weeks of flowering start with the following. Mix this in with a gallon of R/O water:

  • 15ml Pure Blend Pro Bloom
  • 5ml Cal-Mag Plus
  • 7ml Liquid Karma
  • 7-10ml Hygrozyme(stop when your through with week 5)
  • 5ml Hydroplex (once they are done streatching)
  • PH UP to 5.8
Remember start this after the first 2 weeks.

In 3 gal pots water them every other day. During peak bud building time you can hit them everyday. Feed them at full strength once they are established unless you start to see burn tip issues then back off a bit. Flush with straight Clearex at 15ml/gal once every 20 days or so.


At the last 1-2 weeks of flowering right before harvest flush them with straight R/O water every feeding. It should be nothing but R/O Water in the jug for these feedings. Enjoy the extra bud in your jars.

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