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Pruning marijuana is needed when your plants have been left to grow for awhile. Usually if marijuana grows for to long without having any pruning done, it is wasting energy. This energy would best spent on the larger branches, rather than the smaller branches that are not going to produce much for you. Having all this excess growth because of not pruning will hurt your flowering times as well. The bud sites will not be able to get the required energy it needs to produces that bumper crop you know you want. In effect making popcorn that never matures, so for your own sake start pruning at a early stage.

This is a part of the growing process where a little investment in the plants is necessary. Give your plants a good look over and remove the branches with long internodes (the space between nodes) and branches that are way at the bottom and not reaching very high up. The lower branches that do not make it very high up will not get very much light. These are great candidates for pruning because they flat out will not produce much. Like in a scrog setup, anything below the screen get pruned because all that does down there is use up energy the top could otherwise use.

Pruning Leaf Material

There are multiple opinions when it comes to pruning. Some don't like to take large fan leaves and don't mind. There are times when taking the larger fan leaves are necessary. One of those times is when it is blocking nice bud sites. When you are pruning the large fan leaves take care to make sure the opening from the cut faces down. This can be done by making the cut a 45 degree cut parallel to fan leaf stem.

Hormonal Response to Pruning

Once you start Pruning you are essentially wounding the plant. This causes a reaction for the plant to send out the growth inhibiting hormone called jasmonic acid. This reaction in essence tells the plant to go into a defensive mode. And the more pruning you do, the greater this reaction will be. That is why it is best to do pruning gradually over time.

Jasmonic acid plays a role in regulating the formation of trichomes. So a little stress is said to increase potency. Take that for what it is nothing more than something that is said not fact. However there is a difference between stress and torture. And a healthy plant that has not been severely handicapped will produce more.

Pruning Notables

Hey sometimes you don't have a choice and you need to remove some of the growth to ensure you put more in your jar. Some plant respond better than others to pruning, but in general a little pruning will not hurt nor kill any plant.

The best advice to give is to watch you plants and adapt you pruning to how you plant responds to it. Happy pruning everyone.

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