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Hydroplex Bloom

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer is a premium plant nutrient supplement formulated to push your crops to their limits. Hydroplex contains optimum levels of potassium and phosphorus to encourage rapid bud formation and amplified flower size. In addition, Hydroplex contains a vast array of the essential amino acids involved in the transfer of ribonucleic acids t-RNAs and DNA synthesis; high potency vitamins; and a broad range of trace minerals.

Hydroplex 0-10-6 Bloom Maximizer, now includes a broader range of amino acids, more trace minerals, and more select, beneficial vitamins. Use Hydroplex in conjunction with any base bloom nutrient to maximize the yield potential of fruiting and flowering plants. Though most standard PK boosters are structured to create larger fruits and flowers, Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer surpasses that standard by both increasing plants resistance to external stresses and amplifying natural enzyme, chlorophyll, and essential oil production.

Benefits of Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer:

  • Promotes Essential Oil and Natural Sugar Production
  • Rapid Bloom Initiation and Growth Speeds
  • Increases Fruit Density and Quality
  • Amplifies Flower Size
  • Yield Maximizer
  • Increases total amount of Flower and Fruit sets
  • Helps optimize the production of chlorophyll, protein, and root development
  • Promotes the natural development of enzymes and vitamins
  • Boosts resistance to external stresses
  • Low Dilution Rates
  • Dye Free

DIRECTIONS:During the fruiting/flowering phase, use 1/2 teaspoon - 1 teaspoon 2-5 ml per gallon 4 liter of water depending on overall health of plants.

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