April 30, 2011 Posted by cryptik in CO2

Dry Ice Method of CO2 Enrichment

This is a CO2 enrichment method that works well for small marijuana grow rooms. It has the added benefit of providing some cooling to the growing area. Dry Ice is a solid carbon dioxide. The temps of dry ice is roughly 109F degrees below zero. Because of this you need to wear gloves when handling it.

So in a 8'X8'X8' room you would need about .8lbs of dry ice per day to get the CO2 levels up to where they need to be for optimal enrichment. Obviously if the grow room is warm the dry ice will melt faster.

You can mitigate the fast melting dry ice one of 2 ways:

  • Split the Dry Ice into .1lb pieces and add one piece into the grow room every 2 hours.
  • Put the .8lb block of dry ice in a Styrofoam box and poke holes into it so it will release the CO2. You will need to watch this and put enough holes in it so it will melt fully over your lights on period.

Place your container behind or in front of your fans so the CO2 is evenly distributed through out the grow room.

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