April 10, 2011 Posted by cryptik in Growing Mediums

Coco Coir

Coco coir is extracted from the husk of a coconut. The Natural fibre from the husk is used in a verity of products. Ranging from floor mats, doormats, mattresses etc. One other use for Coco coir is for horticulture. This is the aspect of Coco coir use that you should be concerned with.

Many growers are using this medium more and more. It has a nice consistency and is easy to take care of. Coco Coir is pretty forgiving also and because of that it is a good medium for beginners to start out with. You can start out in straight coco coir or mix it in with a variety of different mediums.

Here are some benefits of coco coir:

  • Neutral Medium
  • Improved availability of nutrients
  • High water holding capabilities
  • Excellent Drainage and air porosity
A Calcium and Magnesium product is necessary to add when working in coco coir. Some Coco Coir comes charged with Cal-Mag. If yours does not then you might want to consider soaking your Coco Coir in R/O water and 5-10ml per gallon of Cal-Mag. You could wait till you are going to use the coco coir and just go heavy with the Cal-Mag(like 10-15ml) for the first watering then drop it down to 5ml from then on. It really is preference at this point. Just give it a try both ways and see what works best for you.

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