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CO2 Enrichment

CO2 Enrichment is the process of providing more CO2 to your grow environment than would normally be there. Doing so has been recognized long ago to increase plant growth by biologist and plant physiologist. Marijuana growers and horticulturists in general have used CO2 generators for many years to increase there crops.

The influx of home indoor gardens and the proliferation of hydroponics and grow lights. CO2 is becoming in need more and more. What happens is the room that the plants are in does not have enough CO2 to cover what the plants need. This can cause the plants not to grow as well and could stunt growth all together.

Normal air has 300ppm of CO2 in the air and is considered the 100% growth range. If your CO2 falls below the 200ppm mark photosynthesis will not take place and will stop your marijuana growth dead in it tracks. As the ppm's of CO2 increases above the 300ppm mark you will see your marijuana plants growing double time. Be careful not to allow your CO2 ppm's to go above 2000. That is the point where it becomes toxic to marijuana and at 4000ppm it becomes toxic to you.

Ideal growing condition like when using Hydroponics, Grow Lights, environmental controls, and Nutrients all play a part in your yield and out come with growing marijuana. The one thing that can limit a dialed in grow room is the amount of CO2 availability.

Here are the most common methods of providing adequate CO2:

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