April 30, 2011 Posted by cryptik in CO2

Burning Hydrocarbon Fuels For CO2

Burning Hydrocarbon Fuels is the most common way to enrich your grow room with CO2. There are a number of marijuana growers using this in their grow rooms. The most common fuels and butane, alcohol, natural gas, and propane. If the flame is blue, white, or colorless then you know you are producing CO2. If the flame is orange, yellow, or red then it is carbon monoxide being produced. So you want to make sure all the gas is being burned completely. Also fuels with sulfur in them should not be used as they are harmful.

Most of the commercial generators use for CO2 enrichment are way to big for the small indoor marijuana grower. This is not to say they can't be used just that they are big and put out a lot of heat. What some marijuana growers are using are the little Coleman lanterns, Bunsen burners, or those little gas stoves. The heat signature is much smaller for these are it is much more manageable.

A fan is a must as it will move the air around the grow room. If you allow the air to be to still this may cause a issue called "depletion layer effect". In effect this causes the CO2 next to the marijuana leafs to be depleted quickly. Which can cause the plant to shutdown and not grow from lack of CO2.

There are a couple things to do to keep CO2 levels up:

  • If the grow room is not completely sealed add 50% to the CO2 output
  • If the temp is hovering around 85-90 add 20% more CO2
  • If the plant spacing is tight add 20%-30% more CO2

If more light is used more CO2 can be used. This has a practical limit of 5000 foot candles per square yard with 1500ppm of CO2. This will cause you to need to use more of everything. Water will need to be increased along with the nutrients used to feed them. This of course is because your marijuana will be growing at twice the rate it normally would.

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