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Bottled CO2

This is the second most popular Enrichment method. It provides a very accurate and controlled results. Bottled CO2 is compressed in metal cylinders or tanks. Usually they come in 20lbs and 50lbs and the pressures range from 1600 PSI to 2200 PSI.

To use compressed gas you need a few things:

  • Tank of Compressed CO2
  • Regulator for pressure
  • Flow Meter
  • 24hr timer capable of having an "on time" variable from 1min to 20min
  • Solenoid valve
  • Tubing, fittings, and adapters

Arranging your Compressed System

Compressed CO2 injection allows you to control the amount of CO2 being pumped into your grow room. With the pressure regulator you can downgrade the pressure from the tank to a more manageable level of 100 to 200 PSI. This will allow the flow meter to handle the output better. The flow meter delivers CO2 at a defined cubic feet per minute for the amount of time the solenoid valve is open.

Operating in a 8'X8'X8' grow room you need to add CO2 to get you from 200ppm to 1500ppm. This is a increase of 1300ppm to a area of 512 cu. ft. You want to make sure this happens when you exchange the air in the grow room so your levels stay near 1500ppm.

If you for instance select a time interval of every 2 hours to inject your CO2. Now determine how much CO2 must be added to 512 cu. ft. of area to increase CO2 from 200ppm to 1500ppm. You get this number by multiplying the room area of 512 cu. ft. by .0013 (1300ppm) to obtain .66 cu. ft. of CO2. You set the regulator to 100 PSI and set the flow meter to 20 cubic feet per hour or .33 cubic feet per minute. Now set your timer to be on for 2 minutes every 2 hours. This will give us the .66 cubic feet per hour of CO2 we need to keep the levels right.

CO2 should only be used when the lights are on otherwise you are wasting it and risking toxicity. Compressed CO2 is relatively cheap and is even cheaper once you own the equipment. Compressed CO2 is also the small grow room growers best bet at CO2 enrichment.

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