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The process of growing your marijuana in a mist environment is called Aeroponics. Aeroponics uses no soil or other mediums. A lot of people think of Aeroponics as hydroponics because the nutrients are delivered through the water, but Aeroponics is not hydroponics. The reason why Aeroponics is not hydroponics is because it dose not sit in the nutrient solution. It really is a very miniscule difference and for all intensive purposes doesn't really matter.

Methods of Aeroponics

Aeroponic growing is achieved through growing your marijuana in a closed or almost-closed environment. Your marijuana plant is held in the chamber with either a foam insert or some net pots with hydroton or something similar. The roots grow down into the aeroponics chamber and just hang there. In the Aeroponics chamber there are misters that spray atomized, nutrient-rich water solution onto the root system which then drains back to the reservoir.

Keeping your Aeroponics system closed as much as possible is the way to go. Being a closed system will do wonders in keeping your environment as pest and disease free as possible. With a closed Aeroponics environment you are providing a good controlled environment that promotes plant growth.

Aeroponics Benefits

There are many benefits to running a Aeroponics system like:

  • Ecological
  • Air Exposure
  • Limit Diseases
  • Nutrient Uptake
  • Water/Nutrient Atomization

Ecological Benefits

When speaking of ecological advantages in Aeroponics, water conservation comes to mind. Aeroponics systems use less water and less energy when compared to hydroponic systems. You really see a big difference when Aeroponics is used on a larger more commercial scale.

Air Exposure Benefits

Growing in Aeroponics is favorable because of the amount of air that gets to the root zone. This is caused by the increased aeration of the nutrient solution.

Disease Limiting Benefits

In a Aeroponics system disease transmission is limited since the plant to plant contact is minimal. Unlike other growing mediums where a disease can spread and live in the growing medium. Also if a plant does contract some kind of disease it can be taken out of the system quickly and without bothering this other marijuana plants.

Nutrient Uptake Benefits

Aeroponics allows for better uptake of your nutrient solutions. Aeroponics provides a stable growing environment and has been proven to increase bio-availability of your nutrient solution.

Water/Nutrient Atomization Benefits

Sprayers, misters, and foggers are used in Aeroponics to mist the nutrient solution on the root zone. The key to Aeroponics systems is the water droplet size. The smaller and more atomized the nutrient mist is the better the uptake will be for the marijuana plant. But there is a gotcha with being to small. If the droplet size is to small you risk the production of excessive root hairs without the development of lateral root growth. So Smaller is better but to small and your shooting yourself in the foot.

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